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Using Zoom

Zoom is an application for video conferencing and sharing screens. There are a number of product that do similar things including Microsoft Teams, GoToMeeting, BlueJeans and several others.

You can use Zoom on many devices – computers (PC or laptop), tablet or iPad, mobile phone or landline. You do not have to have a camera to participate.

The first time that you join a Zoom meeting the software will automatically download to your device so you won’t need to do anything else. Downloads usually takes a couple of minutes.

Having a camera and microphone in your device allows you to show both video (images) and sound. But neither are essential. As long as you have speakers you can listen to the meeting. Lots of people happily listen to discussions without showing any imagery.

Having a good quality webcam and microphone improves the quality of the images and sound coming from your device. Higher quality also means using more bandwith.

Joining a meeting

Generally you will receive an e-mail with a link to join a meeting.

a zoom link

After clicking on the link you are taken to your default browser. At the top of the page you will have a dialogue box like this

how to open link

Click on choose application if you have Zoom installed on your computer

choose application

Then select Zoom Meetings and click on open link.